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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Disappearing Act

During a relatively recent trip to Boston with Chris, prior to me having begun facilitating Psychic Mediumship and Tarot readings regularly at The Original Tremont Tearoom on Fridays, the following amazing, unforgettable incident happened. After pondering on this incident for some time, I decided it would be a good idea to record this 'event' in writing. Here goes...

After finally finding parking (not easy in Boston), Chris headed to Human Resources at the school he was going to be teaching a class at, and I headed to the cafeteria for a coffee and to settle in with some astrology reading. I picked a spot by the big windows so I could watch folks as they went to and fro, always interesting in-between reading. There were LOTS of people to watch at any given moment and I spent at least an hour alternating reading with people-watching. As I've done since I was a kid when people-watching, I empathically 'read' some of them. I noticed this one guy who particularly struck my eye because he reminded me of our David...his manner, his posture, his height, his walk, his dress, perhaps of Jewish background, etc. I immediately noticed someone walking a little behind him, sort of diagonal to him but rather close by. This person seemed like a 'brother' of the guy because they looked a lot alike and acted similarly. The first time I saw them I noted all this and let it go. Then I saw them again several minutes later. Right before my eyes, the guy behind and diagonal to the other one disappeared. Given where he was walking, even if I had blinked once or twice he couldn't have gotten out of my sight line even if he was running. I was gobsmacked. I looked at the people in tables around me in the cafeteria to see if anyone else saw this. I noted that no one looked stunned like I did. About 5 minutes later I had to go feed the parking meter again. As I walked to the car, I asked telepathically, "What just happened?" I distinctly heard a voice who I knew was Ken, one of my Guides. He said that They were doing some tests for some upcoming things They're getting me ready for. I asked what that would be, please. He said that the 'man' I saw disappear was a Guide of the guy he was with. I telepathically responded that the Guide looked just like a 'live' human man, and a lot like the guy himself. Ken said that is because they were brothers when the Guide was in human form. Ken said that They're getting me ready to see everyone's Guides (as they would look if they were in human form). Ken said that this way I'll be able to help a lot of people know more about their Guides and educate people that no one travels alone; everyone has help. Ken said that this would help all of humanity understand how Love and the Universe works. I asked Ken how I would know who was the human and who was the Guide if they both looked like humans ('course if one goes and disappears like the one I saw did, then I'd have some clue as to who was Ken said, "Awhile back you saw the movie "Twilight" with Elizabeth and Jenna. We're thinking about making them sparkle like the vampires in the movie did when they were in daylight." I said that that would be helpful. I asked when would all this happen? Ken said not to worry. They're working out the bugs. End of conversation. This took place in mega-seconds and yet it all took place. I tried not to worry about it and put it out of my mind. I was pretty successful until Chris and I stopped in at a pizza place on the way home to see if there was anything we could get to take out that wouldn't upset my wonky gall bladder. As we stood there looking at the menu above the counter, Chris and I both heard behind us, "Excuse me." Chris said, "Oh I'm sorry (for standing in the way)," and proceeded to move us both out of the way. But there was no one behind us. Chris and I looked at each other in bewilderment. I hadn't told Chris about the above conversation and disappearing act yet. On the way home we got into a mild argument, so I still hadn't told Chris when I went to bed early that night. But this morning, after we 'kissed and made up,' I told him about what had happened. He listened intently and though he started to get a little bit of a worried expression on his face, I reminded him of the 'voice' behind us in the pizza joint...a voice that had no body attached to it. I knew it was more 'testing' from the Other Side. I explained this to him and Chris seemed to understand better since he, too, experienced what I experienced in that case.

I swear I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried...LOL! Blessed Be.


  1. A beautiful post, Jenny. If this happens to us, we will know what it is. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience. Loving blessings to you and your family.

  2. Very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing your experience - it has given us a 'heads up' and does explain somethings!

  3. Thank you, Nancy and Patti, for your kind and thoughtful comments. xoxoxo!