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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Importance Of One's Name

Last year I wrote a post talking about names: What's In A Name?. This morning I had a dream that reminded me of not only this post but also of an experience I had at a job I worked at for nearly three years. Today it feels the right time to explain what had happened at that job and how I felt about it. 

Over the years, off and on, I've been a substitute teacher at local schools. This was always, or so it seemed, the perfect, flexible, fill-in job. Such a job works particularly well when I'm attending school, such as was the case when I was going to Fellowships Of The Spirit's (FOTS) "School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy," from 2011-2012. 

This year I stayed working as a sub teacher even though at the beginning of the school year I wasn't, myself, in school anymore. BTW, that changed a few weeks ago when I was awarded a full, 4-year, scholarship to study astrology via RASA, a Canadian school of astrology. My present studies won't require me to travel or attend courses in person, however, because much of the curriculum is offered in audio files and pdf's. So back in school, I still felt subbing wasn't a bad way to go day-job-wise, especially since there simply aren't many jobs to go for when one lives in the woods of a decidedly rural area. THAT decision changed just a few days ago for a number of reasons, and now I've finally and decisively taken the plunge to work full-time as a psychic medium (please see the recent past post: Important Announcement Regarding Readings). But I digress...  

The importance of my name came to the fore again whilst working the sub teaching job last year the local school. By that time I had already been subbing at this school for about 2 years, minus the time I had to take off due to pneumonia (please see past post: Pondering Pneumonia). Every day on a white board in the office of this school the names of the subs were written next to the name of the teacher they're subbing for. For the entirety of the first and most of the second year, my name was never spelled correctly. I gently told folks in the office that this was so and still my name continued to be spelled incorrectly. Sometimes both my first AND last name were misspelled. This seemed odd to me. How hard was it to learn what my name was and how to spell it? And to make matters worse, no matter how many times I pronounced my name, it was often not said correctly by a whole lotta folks at this particular school. Actually the kids learned my name before many of the teachers did, and right up to the last day of me working for this school, some teachers still NEVER pronounced my name correctly. Weird. I got to the point where I'd phonetically spell my name on the board of the class I was working in, as well as showing the correct way to spell it. Hence, Back-ridges = Bakriges

This year is now the third year I've subbed for the above mentioned local school. When I saw my name once again misspelled on the white board in the office next to the teacher I was subbing for, I decided to take matters into my own hand. In front of the office workers, I walked up to the board, erased my poor, misspelled name, and wrote it correctly. Without a word I walked out of the office. My name was not misspelled on that board ever again.

"If names are not correct, language will not be in accordance with the truth of things."  ~Confucius 

"Names are an important key to what a society values." ~David S. Slawson

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