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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dreams I've Had

It's been awhile since I posted some of my recorded dreams. Here's several that occurred after the last time I posted about dreams. 

Cat Stevens, the singer/songwriter, was in my dream. He said his real first name is "Carver."

Alexander, our youngest son, was going to buy a couch. He told Chris and I it was a great deal. He had to agree to dress in a woman's dress and the couch would be his for very little money. Chris knew of this type of scam where the seller raised the price just as Alex's credit card was given. The dream ended as Alexander realized it was a scam and was disappointed.

This dream came before the one above but I remembered it later. We had a 55 gallon fish tank for our two goldfish, Aphrodite and Eros, just as we do now. Alex had some friends over including Gus, a high school buddy. Just as they left I realized that our floor had a foot of water on it. There were tiny fish swimming around. I scooped up the fish (3 in all) and put them in the tank. One of them looked like it may be a shark. When I next looked into the tank, a figurine of "The Music Man" was inside of it. I suspected that Gus, with his keen sense of humor, was behind all of this.

I was in a kind of "Bollywood" play, rather than a movie. We had run through the play once successfully but for some reason we could not do it again. I was the leading lady. Chris and our two boys were in the audience looking like they did in 1993. They were getting mad that the play wasn't beginning. I saw that they were covered in snow, apparently having a snowball fight to pass the time. Rev. Elaine was there. I was crying on her shoulder over all that was going awry in my life, the play included. She was very comforting.

Epic-style dream that felt like it lasted all night. I was working at Regina High, though it didn't exactly look like the Regina High I went to school at back in the 1970's. I was teaching astrology in what was like a large gymnasium. I had quite a large class of guys and gals, even though Regina was and is an all-girls high school. From the very beginning, the administration expected me to be super-woman-teacher, tacking on all sorts of other duties that included running the plays and more. For instance, it was 9:00 pm and I had girls from other schools dancing across the floor in unison. The janitor was trying to clean and got disgusted that all these people were getting in the way. I had had no time to fit this dancing within my regular duties during the school day, so had to schedule it in the evening. Important to note, this was my first day on the job. I kept thinking that this schedule and the responsibilities asked of me were crazy. I wanted to quit but Chris said that we needed the money. I liked teaching astrology, however, and the kids were interested when I explained about the Houses, Aspects, and more. (Note: I had been studying about aspects before I went to bed on the evening I  had this dream.) Then, two people dressed in costume from Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto (a place I had worked when we lived in Canada) walked in. The guy didn't really acknowledge me but the woman stopped. I didn't remember her from BCPV, but I knew that was where they were from. The woman was excited to show me the workmanship on her costume, which she sewed herself. She undressed down to her petticoat to she me the exquisite details. Next, the dream segued to Lily Dale, NY where Chris and I were trying to decide on a house we were thinking of buying. The house was small but nice...a brown stucco, 2-floors, square in shape with a wrap-around porch and a nice backyard. Chris asked the seller if the bedroom would look out on the sunrise or sunset. It seemed it would look out on the sunrise which pleased us. The bedroom also looked out on the backyard. The house was placed on the end of one of Lily Dale's quaint streets, next to the Lyceum and park. I noted that the house was in good shape, with no mold or mildew present. I envisioned where Chris would put his keyboard, and whether or not I'd need to sell a few of my spinning wheels, etc. 

I was in some sort of a historical setting...a house or a village, or perhaps such a house was set in a sheep festival type of setting. In any case, I watched as a group of spinners demonstrated scouring fleece as the public watched. They used Border Leicester fleece, very similar to what I scoured back when I worked at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto, Canada. I noticed they fell into all the pitfalls of not using enough hot water, not prepping the fleece to open up the dirty tips and locks, etc. They seemed oblivious as to what really works well when scouring fleece, and instead just proceeding in a "trial and error" type of mode. I asked one lady if they used dish detergent with grease-cutting properties to scour. She said they used some washing agent that had "polar bear" in the name. It was a product I wasn't familiar with. I lamented to myself that the scoured fleece would be sticky, hard to card and spin, and would still be dirty even after the scouring process. I wondered why they hadn't taken the advice in my book, "Spinning Around," or advice from any other good spinning books out there. Then, it occurred to me that everyone had the right to learn from their own mistakes; to have their own journey; and to do it in their own time. Profound.

Found myself working back at the Green Mountain Spinnery although now it was located in a large, dark, warehouse structure. Another past worker (Margaret) was also back working there but was ashamed at her demotion. I noted that that kind of thing never bothered me personally (interesting, because I'm pretty sure it WOULD bother me personally in life). It was frustrating to work there again because I was not trained properly and did not know the new yarn types, colors, and prices. I waited on a woman who paid for her yarn AFTER she knit it into an afghan. Somehow I was supposed to figure out what she owed by looking at the afghan. I saw that some of the afghan was knitted with an extremely fine yarn at the impossible  gauge of 20+ stitches = 1". I wondered if that "ground" yarn was even made by the Green Mountain Spinnery. Working there was an awful experience and I vowed to quit yet again.

One dream had to do with the "fact" that the people who wrote the Bible are our "record keepers" and witnesses, so we would not forget the important things that happened in history. Also, I saw folks who made things better for others. One example was the "fairy stone" in another country. This huge stone had several openings around it where fairies were said to live. There are people who clean the outside of the fairy stone so that it's enjoyable to be seen by children and adults alike. Apparently the outside of the fairy stone gets very dirty because many people visit and touch the outside of the fairies' home each year.

I was in a math class and had to complete a variety of story problems and equations. I could feel myself sweating and worrying about not being able to do them. I even tried to cheat by looking at someone's paper, but I realized I didn't understand what they did so I went back to figuring it out myself. It was slow-going, however little by little I got the problems completed. Friend, Jofran, was in this dream looking very much like she did back in college days...very light and airy, and a little flitty. I noticed one of my canine teeth had a dark gray spot on it and was so loose it was about to fall out. I worried that we could not afford any dentistry work. I knew the tooth was dead.

During meditation I asked if I could go where our son, David, was in order to visit. He was in a dark cave but I could see as clear as daylight. He was sitting on a low, smooth, round, pebble-like stone, dark gray in color. He looked like he did when he was stable and well. He didn't seem disturbed in any way. When he saw me he said, "Mama, you can't be here." I said, "David, I'm just visiting." I asked what he was doing. He said he was waiting for his assignment. I told him he needed to come back to Earth. He said, "No, I'm waiting for my assignment.." I asked, "What assignment?" He didn't know. I told him I'd come back again and I left. I saw him looking at me. He went back to waiting.

Chris and I were in a college setting, apparently as teachers. The place looked and felt like Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan. I was in a classroom ready to teach my class. Chris was with me. An acting class was held in the same room prior to my class. There was a box on the floor that the actors were supposed to pee into. The box was placed there for a scene but the actors had missed the box and pee was all over the floor. I proclaimed my disgust and Chris said, in a tone letting me know I was being difficult, that I was known as a "techie." 

Friend, Becky, called and said next to nothing. When I questioned this she said I should just talk and tell her what I've been up to. I was upset over this for it was not a "caring and sharing" kind of call at all. 

I was in a dormitory kind of setting, perhaps somewhat younger than I am now. I was with a girlfriend. She seemed like Jofran but not necessarily so. We were looking at puppies on the floor. All the students in the dorm cared for the puppies. I loved it! One day there didn't seem to be anyone around people-wise. Puppies were going from room to room. They were in the bathtubs, etc. I got concerned because someone had put jammie-like costumes on three of the puppies. They looked like little bears with patterned jammie costumes. Unfortunately, there was no opening for the puppies to poop or pee, and there were no mouth, eye, or nose holes for the face. Just before I woke up I was trying to figure out how to get these cruel costumes off of the three puppies. 

Chris and I were teaching at a school that looked like a combination of Equilibrium and Neighborhood Schoolhouse, both in Brattleboro, Vermont. On a chalkboard there were listed the names of teachers who would be painting walls that day, instead of teaching. The head of the school was Jessica, the now co-owner of Equilibrium. My last name was misspelled on the chalkboard and looked like Beregere. I laughed with Chris about how our last name could end up so messed up when others try to spell it. 

I was on a boat docked in a harbor with a few other people. Our boat was wedged between larger ships and the whole atmosphere had a 1960's feel. A plane overhead dropped 2-3 bombs that looked like plastic discs in primary colors. They looked like discs that are on the child's game, "Simon Says." My 5th grade English teacher was on the boat, as well, and as he looked at me and I at him, he gently tossed the bombs overboard into the water. They did not explode. Why? My 5th grade English teacher said that you just had to get them off the boat, where the bombardier had intended them to go off. Otherwise, the bombs would have blown us up.

A second dream this same night was about how we were given a cockatoo. We discussed it may be a cockatiel. 

Friend, Leslie, was standing in a vestibule at the side of a home which looked like my Aunt Norma's on Lange Street (not really an aunt but when we lived in Detroit we had no actual relatives near us so we were 'adopted' by friends of my parents). I went down the stairs to greet Leslie. She hugged me long and hard as I cried on her shoulder. She had come to visit me much later in the evening than what she would usually do. I knew this was a very special visit "from the heart."  

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