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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Private Home Group Readings

This type of Psychic Mediumship reading event is also called a gallery-style group reading. They are similar to when I facilitate platform-style readings in front of groups of people, but with the distinct difference that it's done in a person's home or arranged space that I will travel to on Saturdays. Generally, but not always, the host knows those who are at the session. The host can have any number of people they want at their event - from 4 people to over 100 people or more. Length of the session is 2.5 hours (includes about 1/2 hour of education/explanation regarding what occurs during this type of session and necessary etiquette for all concerned). There is a flat fee of $200 + $5 per person + .50 cents per mile round-trip. Everyone at the session is in the same room at the same time. In these Private Home Group Readings anyone who attends has the potential to experience healing on whatever level is for their highest and best good. Attending such an event can be a real eye-opener, especially if one is willing to be open-minded and ready for that which has been given by Spirit. Crossed over loved ones do come through in such an event, as well as other messages for individuals, although please understand that I can never guarantee that everyone will receive a personal reading in a Private Home Group Reading, especially if there are many people present. NO ALCOHOL is allowed before or during the session. 

If you are interested in hosting a Private Home Group Reading, please contact me at 802-368-7217 or e-mail me at Thank you!!!

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